A New Years Theme: Take the Pledge!

With the New Year just ringing in, there are many out in the world setting resolutions. Although I believe the New Year is a great time to self-reflect and look upon things you want to self-improve, when it comes to resolutions, I’ve never really made them. 

However, after reading a Huffington Post article, I’ve decided to make some New Years Themes.  In away this reminds me of what Gretchen Rubin set out to do in her book, The Happiness Project. What I like about this concept is, it’s a great approach in making healthy lifestyle changes.

“The theme should be a word that resonates with you and embodies something that has been missing from your daily life. Instead of defining specific behaviors that you want to do, you simply keep your theme in mind and allow your days to unfold from there.” 

Some of the personal themes I want to focus on are: Mindfulness, Exploration, Enjoyment, Nourishment, Take Time to Breathe, Recharge, Screen Free Time, and The Pledge.

Many of these themes can mean different things for different individuals. Because of this I have reframed from explaining what each one means to me because I feel it’s important for you to define your themes on your own. However, one theme I want to further explain to you is, “The Pledge” because this is a 2014 campaign which the NFCA has just launched.  This theme embodies words such as, education, empowerment, and awareness. Here’s more about this pledge from the NFCA: 

Why Should You Take the Pledge?

Everyone has their own personal reason for taking the Pledge.  Whatever your reason, NFCA will be here to help you keep your Pledge commitment.  The NFCA will check in with you throughout 2014 to learn more about your progress and provide you with the resources you need. When you fill out the Pledge form below, you promise to:


  • The gluten-free diet is not a fad.  We know this, you know this – it’s a treatment that’s here to stay.
  • Celiac disease is not a food allergy. Let’s take this opportunity to set the record straight!

Be Empowered:

  • We can work together to amplify our voice to raise awareness of gluten-related disorders.
  • We are in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing our own health.


  • You play a key role in helping family members understand their risk for this genetic autoimmune disease.
  • 83% of people with celiac disease remain undiagnosed. We have the power to change that by sharing our personal stories and raising awareness of the signs and symptoms.

I just took the pledge, who’s ready to join me?  Officially Take the Pledge

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