Sharing My Gratitude

The weekend was wonderful. We kicked off our Christmas festivities with our 13th Annual Cookie Party, and celebrated Christmas Saturday and Sunday with family.

This Christmas felt different. It didn’t exactly feel like Christmas on Christmas Eve, but there was a moment on Christmas morning, as we were all opening gifts, where the Christmas spirit came over me.  I couldn’t help but to feel so grateful, for my family, for the time we got to spend together, for the laughter we shared

for the traditions we have, and for the love we have for one another. My favorite tradition being a French Toast breakfast. Ever since I can remember my mom would make this Christmas morning, but as I am writing this, I have just realized it had been two years since we did this. This year it came back!

I gave my mom a break, and chose to take on “breakfast duty.” It was different then the past (in a great way!). Not only did we use GF bread, but I tried out a new recipe. Gluten/ Dairy-Free French Toast Casserole (recipe courtesy of Jules Gluten-Free). It was perfect! Filling our home with a sweet cinnamon smell, and leaving our bellies full!

In this moment too, I felt grateful. Grateful everyone loved the meal, and that I am back in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes.

When I got home from a wonderful evening with my family I wrote a poem. I was inspired by all the gratitude that I felt yesterday, and by a message that was delivered to me last weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend

Christmas Acceptance
There comes a time where you have to move towards acceptance
Accept where you are in life, accept who you are,
There are things you can’tchange
But you can accept
In the past, I wished things were different
But this Christmas was different
I gained acceptance
There are things I wish I could change, moments I wish I could have back
“It is what it is”
Feeling like I have gained acceptance

It is called the ”most wonderful time of year”
And I understand why
Christmas instills you with
Hope and Joy
Today I felt
Grateful. Blessed. Happy. Loved
This is what Christmas is all about

One thought on “Sharing My Gratitude

  1. Twinnsmom

    Thank you for cooking breakfast for us Christmas morning. I haven’t made french toast for the last two years because I knew you couldn’t eat my version and I didn’t know how to change it. I am so happy you experimented and found Jules’ recipe. We all really enjoyed it!

    I am so proud of you and love you so much! Your poem is beautiful and your words mean so much. You are a strong person and should be so proud how you have handled it all. I know it is tough at times. Remember, we are here for you to lean on.

    Love you so much. Thank you for being the person you are and making such a difference.


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