A Must For All College Students: Jules GF Cookie Mix!

On Sunday, I was in one of my “baking moods”. However, after the morning rain, the sun was shining and I wanted to be outside. When I went down stairs to find something to bake, I came across Jules Gluten-Free Cookie Mix. I knew it would be quick to prepare, and this mix was on my list of “Summer must tries”! 

Preparing these cookies were so easy! All you need is shortening (I used Spectrum), butter (I used Earth Balance), 2 eggs, plus your “add ins” ( i.e. chocolate chips, M&Ms, nuts). Though it did not take me long to prepare, as soon as I put these cookies in the refrigerator to chill it started to down pour. 

Two hours later after the dough was chilled, I baked the cookies in the oven for about 10 minutes. Out came gluten and dairy free perfection!

These cookies were thin, and chewy and had a great taste. Though I feel like my dad keeps saying this, he thought these “were the best cookies I made so far!” Maybe this is due to the fact that we keep finding so many wonderful GF recipes this summer (this truly fills my heart (and tummy) with joy that we are finding alternatives the whole family will eat)! It was also my grandma’s (GF eater) first try of gluten free cookies and she really enjoyed them. SUCCESS!! 

Though Jules does have a chocolate chip cookie recipe, this mix is so convenient (especially for college students) because you don’t need many ingredients. I am packing a mix to bring with me to school because it is great if I have a “baking craving”, and don’t have the time to bake something from scratch! 

As always to learn more about Jules Gluten Free, visit her website

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