A Bakery to Whole Family Enjoys:Wild Flours Bake Shop!

My mom always loves finding new bakeries, and gets so excited when we find new gluten-free bakeries that I can enjoy. We both recently heard of Wild Flours Bake Shop, which is a newly opened bakery located in the adorable town of Huntington, Long Island.

Yesterday after church my family and I ventured off to Wild Flours Bake Shop. Wild Flours has only been opened three months and offers a variety of products. In addition to being dedicated in making all their products GF, Wild Flours offers many dairy free products as well. Wild Flours uses all natural ingredients and uses many of the GF flours, which are packed with nutrients such as, Fava Bean, Garbanzo, Quinoa, and Teff Flour.

I loved the atmosphere of the bakery. The bakery is nicely decorated, and the staff is so friendly and helpful. My mom, brother and I all decided to have a blueberry crumb muffin. We all loved the muffin, and thought it was really yummy. Most impressive was my brother’s reaction (who usually refuses to eat my food), said he couldn’t tell it was GF and really  enjoyed it!! My dad had a slice of their breakfast quiche, and said it was delicious and had a great taste.

Since I loved my muffin so much I decided to take some goodies back home. For lunch, I had a piece of their focaccia  along side egg salad. This too was another great product from Wild Flours! It allowed me to add some variety to my lunch. The bread had a great texture and was full of flavor. Once again a non-gluten free eater in my family tried the bread, and said it was delicious!

I am definitely going to stop by Wild Flours before I head back to school next week to purchase some of their sandwich bread.

In addition to making breads, and muffins Wild Flours also makes cupcakes and brownies. I enjoyed a cupcake last night. It was very enjoyable, and was light and airy. Since I have a birthday coming up soon I asked about their cakes. Their cakes are reasonably priced and come in a variety of flavors, which include chocolate, chocolate raspberry, yellow, and carrot. I can’t wait to have a birthday cake this year!

Wild Flours is definitely my new favorite GF bakery and is a bakery (whether you are GF or not) you are sure to enjoy! It was so nice to find a bakery that the WHOLE family enjoys. It was great to take a break from the “hustle and bustle” of a semester, and spend time with my family walking around the town after our visit.

Wild Flours is opened Tuesday thur Sunday and located at 11 New Street, Huntington NY . Not close to Long Island? Don’t worry…they also ship for your convenience! For more information, visit their website or find them on Facebook

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